This is (not) goodbye

This is (not) good bye
...until we meet again.


  1. You're going home already!? I'll miss all your lovely Bangkok photos!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment MK :) Don´t worry, I want to share few more set of photos before I go-go. (Greetings from Helsinki!)

  3. I'll miss youuuu! Or, I DO miss you!

  4. Hi, I'm just a random blogger who has been checking out your blog. I love Bangkok, and your photo's have been amazing. Greetings from Australia. Sad to see it's over, but all good things must come to an end!


  5. Thank you for the postcard

  6. hi i've been enjoying your blog for quite some time and i also love bangkok!
    sad to see you're leaving already, i'll be missing your bangkok pictures

  7. A silent reader all these while, but I must say, I'm definitely going to miss your photos!!

  8. i hope there's a better way to tell you not to leave the blogosphere at all. will there be any other way to snap some pics at home with a good slap in the face like the ones in bangkok? i will wait and see.. hysterically.



  9. Are you back in Finland now?
    I've just got Bangkok for a couple of days!

  10. o hai, just saw that you live in Helsinki! I'm leaving for Helsinki in a week to live there for two weeks. Also, you studied communication design?? I'm doing that next year! Jeez, girl after my own heart.

  11. N: Hi Nathan. Nice to hear from you. It´s not over til it´s over. Will be back sooner or later! :)

    Zizzi: My pleasure!

    Wanda & dontkaysiao: Thanks. I´m happy to hear that! I wish there´s more pictures to come ;)

    Andwhatelseisthere: :D I miss the crazy-crazy-sexy Bangkok. But let´s give Helsinki & Finland a try:

    Tiziana: Thank you! Greetings from Helsinki!

    toey: Indeed I am :) Hope you had good days in the heat. Did you return back to Sweden after your trip?

    ZEOLITE: HA! That´s a funny coincidence :) Good choice, when it comes to ComDes, and to Helsinki, too!